Commercial Video Services

Envision. Create. Inspire.

Every video production is different and each to their own require customized workflows.

Our services require three stages: the planning phase, the production phase and the editing phase.

During the planning phase we take note and obtain all of the materials that's needed in order to produce the video(s) you envision.

The production phase is the literal "filming" portion where we create all the material that will be combined into the video(s).

During the editing phase, we next put together all the visual and audio components and combine them into the final product(s).

Each project is produced with the expectations of our clients in mind that was discussed during the planning phase.



Concept Development

Writing Services

Marketing Campaign

Casting Actors

Location Scouting


Camera Package

Sound Package

Lighting Package

On-Set Photographer

Hair & Makeup

Wardrobe & Costuming

Craft Services & Catering


Delivery of RAW footage

Delivery by clips or segments (Color corrected/graded prior to delivery)

15-30 sec edit, 30-60 sec edit, 1-2 minute edit

Color Correction & Grading

Sound Syncing & Mixing

Sound Effects & Foley Creation &Sound Design

CGI & Visual Effects & Graphics

Content Optimization & Content Branding